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Pay What You Want: Crime Rave

Dear Patron of the Reading Arts,

Crime Rave The MarginsAs a thank you for visiting our site we’re offering my newest work CRIME RAVE in the pay-what-you-want style made famous by Amanda Palmer. We are the media, right?

If you’re strapped for cash but are really keen to read the book, take it and donate later when you can. If you have disposable income, please consider the six years it took me to write this book—as well as all the broke readers out there—and pay it forward.

All I ask in return is please rate and/or review CRIME RAVE on Amazon, Goodreads, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords, Nook, iBooks, and/or anywhere you’d normally rate books. In the indie publishing world, every review helps. You could also be a dear and tell your friends about it, especially if they happen to work in film or television production. *Wink*

CRIME RAVE reviews run the gamut from, “A wildly entertaining fantasy take on LA film noir,” to “A powerful allegory of PTSD and trauma featuring feminist zombies,” to “An amazing work of fiction you can’t possibly pin down to one genre.” There is something for everyone within these electronic pages.

Thank you for supporting my writing and keeping the art of reading alive.



Pay What You Want

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