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Media Kit: Crime Rave

Crime Rave The Margins

The Plot Crunch

Women, survivors, warriors­—the hardcore ensemble from Sezín Koehler’s debut novel “American Monsters” survive the worst act of domestic terrorism ever to occur on American soil when 35,000 ravers are murdered in cold blood.

Regathered, and regrown from their remaining body parts, they must work with the LAPD detectives Atticus Red Feather and Synthia Günn to put together the pieces of this monstrous act and face new horrors.

The science experiments of an elite underground lab team, led by Colonel Ripper Ransom—of My Lai massacre fame—want out, and the smog goddess Kaleanathi wants more souls to devour.

What will happen if the survivors fail? The world is full of monsters, but the worst are yet to come.

In the long-awaited follow-up to her first novel “American Monsters”, Sezin Koehler has surfed a genre shift in “Crime Rave” from postmodern feminist horror to a crime and urban fantasy crossover with an all-monsters-in approach to satiate even the most hardened horror fan.

Vampires, werewolves, feminist zombies, aliens, hybrids, mutants, serial killers, war criminals, an evil countess, and more: There’s something for everyone in this fresh take on a supernatural noir story.

Picking up right where “American Monsters” left off—and written with first readers in mind—Koehler weaves us into her tapestry of an alternate universe in which goddesses have free reign over humans, trauma goes hand in hand with superpowers, and Marilyn Monroe lives, in this unique tale of destruction, survival, and redemption for some.

If you’re a new reader, welcome.

If you’re an old reader, welcome back. The scenery has changed some.

About the Author


Sezín Koehler is a half American, half Sri Lankan Third Culture Kid who has lived in 13 different countries and 18 cities, including the setting of “Crime Rave”: Los Angeles. Koehler’s first novel “American Monsters” was originally self-published and then picked up by Ghostwoods Books with added illustrations by artist Rose Deniz. Her short fiction has been featured in “The Red Phone Box” anthology also published by Ghostwoods Books, and her non-fiction has been featured on The Huffington Post, Sociological Images, Al Jazeera, Ms. Magazine, Pacific Standard, and TV Guide Magazine, among others.

Koehler has appeared on Al Jazeera’s The Stream discussing her life as a global nomad, as well as her choice to remain childfree. She has also appeared on the Follow Your Ears radio show talking about surviving the gun crime that took her friend’s life, and on Pop Conscious delving into the healing powers of horror.

Koehler is a Frida Kahlo devotee, tattoo collector, and feminist activist whose goal is to smash the patriarchy with each piece of writing.

About The Margins Press

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The Margins Press is an indie publisher focusing on the works of marginalized writers whose tales defy genre and convention, as well as featuring female-identifying characters in starring roles. “Crime Rave” is its first original imprint and it now also represents Koehler’s debut novel “American Monsters”.