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Crime Rave readers say:

Crime Rave The Margins

  • “An amazing work of fiction you can’t possibly pin down to one genre.”
    —Farrah M., yachter
  • For all my friends who love a good hardboiled detective story and seriously uniquely marvelous speculative fiction, this is the book for you. Sezín is a simply brilliant woman and author who knows how to spin a word hard enough to set your mind ablaze. I beta read this novel about a year ago and have been dying for it to be released. Prepare yourself for some genre-bending holy-shit-did-I-just-read-that excitement when you get Crime Rave; you will wonder what magic bus just hit you.”
    —Tammy Salyer, author of the award-winning Spectras Arise trilogy
  • My favorite thing about Crime Rave: I have not read anything like this before. Most books slip easily into categories; this novel is an intense mash-up of monsters, aliens, goddesses and cops, all set in a dark and gritty Los Angeles. It has vampires. Werewolves. Lethal menstruation. Hell, Marilyn Monroe has a cameo. Your favorite monster is in here, and she’s seeking revenge against some truly monstrous villains.”
    Jon S., teacher
  • “A wildly entertaining fantasy take on LA film noir,” and “This book takes genres, gives them a good shake and sculpts them into something new. Jaded detectives, hybrid human/aliens, vampires, a corrupt mayor, and a DJ of Death are just a few of the performers in this swirling carnivale.
    Is the crime procedure and government response realistic? Of course not. A mammoth tragedy such as that in the book, would see the immediate response of the federal government, with an army of FBI, NSA, FEMA, as well as the literal armed forces, swarming the iconic city. At first, this bothered me, but I realized this is not meant to be primer on law enforcement procedure. Instead, it takes a well known and beloved genre, LA noir, and drops it into a fantastic grotesquery, then steps back and lets the weird fun evolve.
    A word of warning: This book contains graphic descriptions of violence, often sexual in nature. While abundant, it is not gratuitous and it is an essential driver of plot and motives.
    By the end of the book, I cared about the characters, human and not so. I want to hear the rest of their stories. Did Detective Gunn follow her heart to a life with deadly pheromone-spewing non-human lesbian? Did Detective Red Feather leave the force to reconnect with his Native American roots and spirituality? And let’s not forget the looming smackdown between the ancient Mother and upstart smog goddess. Please tell me there will be a sequel!
    Scoop E., designer
  • “A powerful allegory of PTSD and trauma featuring feminist zombies.”
    —Leilani A., academic
  • “First of all, I love your writing. Your use of adjectives and descriptions of scenes is great. Some people tend to describe too much or too little or get carried away with using descriptive words that don’t belong just to sound impressive. You have a great balance and one of my favorite things about the book is how clearly I could picture everything in my mind. From the setting to the characters. You don’t hold back on difficult descriptions either. The raw image is there but not in a gratuitous way. Your book to me was American Gods meets Dexter. It gave me so many mixed emotions. At times it was hard for me to read because it felt so raw. But that was a good thing. It’s not easy to write so that you evoke feelings from people, even if sometimes they are difficult feelings.”
    Kira S., zoologist
  • “You might not think a novel about a horrific terrorist event that results in thousands of deaths could be described as a breath of fresh air, but Sezin Koehler’s Crime Rave defies convention at every turn. This book features many familiar monster archetypes and themes, but all are presented in such a fresh, unique, and creative way. As an avid book lover, the highest compliment I can give a novel (especially one in the fantasy genre) is that I’ve never read anything like it before. And Crime Rave is one of those rare books. Highly recommended!”
    Christina B., teacher
  • ” I thoroughly enjoyed this book and found it difficult to put down once I started. Let me count the ways; page-turning suspense, delicately drawn characters, gods, monsters, incredible powers combined with human stories, humour in among the horror and redemption in spite of evil. The combination of the incredible with the format of a police procedural packs even more of a punch than the first book. Koehler is truly developing her talents and has produced memorable characters with future potential in Atticus Red Feather and Synthia Günn. It requires some suspension of disbelief and there’s a huge cast but a handy list at the back to help the reader out. Reminded me slightly of John Connolly but with the brakes off, in fact brakes shot out going downhill at 100 km…”
    Catherine Yigit, writer
  • “Let me start off by saying: you should read this. Sezin writes in such a way that it is extremely visual – in fact my immediate thought when getting into it was – this would make an awesome ( adult) graphic novel. This is a stew of a story with too many ingredients that somehow tastes amazing. Or maybe more like a rich, dark smokey gumbo that’s been simmering all day, with a few ingredients you can’t quite place but you can tell they add to the flavor. If this novel is the gumbo, her first novel was the roux. Although this is a ‘stand alone’ novel – I would highly recommend reading her first ‘American Monsters ‘ for the background. It will add more depth and understanding. Plus, you will get to see, as I have, how much she has developed her talent. Koehler has really sharpened her teeth and really sinks them into this one. I won’t go into the plot ( I think it will be a better read without any spoilers .) I feel the real strength of this novel is the vast range of characters: assorted freaks, monsters ,aliens, goddesses, some very real humans , and some broken humans who mend and morph into something magical. If you are lucky, as I was, her story will follow you into your dreams at night, strange yet somehow wonderful.
    Saundra H.
  • Sezín Koehler’s second book hooked me from the first lines. Nothing like witches and smog to set the mood right for a page-turning sleepless night. The delicious writing and engrossing world gave me shivers. Fast paced and tightly written, Crime Rave will make crime – and monster – fans happy.
    Rose Margaret Deniz, writer and illustrator
  • This book draws you in from the first chapter. Strong characters you get invested in and lots of twists and turns to keep you reading. Supernatural aspects are woven throughout the story and are very well written. It was a great escape and one I will definitely read again.”
  • “Every page radiates power and anger.”
    —Rachel P.
  • Whereas American Monsters was a meditation from the front lines of ‘the culturally entrenched misogyny wars’ (as one Amazon reviewer put it), Koehler takes the themes of victimhood and female empowerment into more straightforward and more balanced territory. She makes it clear that it’s the uses of power that corrupt or heal, whether it’s the physical power of the rapist, the hard power of a military organisation, or the evil of an ascendant goddess seizing control. The contrasts she creates between the antagonists and her survivors who are each coming into their own powers makes for an engaging and thought-provoking read. The late 90s Los Angeles setting enables Koehler to capture a certain American decadence before the War on Terror turned things rather upside down.”
    —Bishop Joey, Amazon review