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American Monsters I Reader Reviews

  • Un-put-downable!
    Hannah Simone, actress on Fox’s New Girl
    From the first edition hardcover
  • This book will take you through a roller coaster of emotions—ferocious anger, divine celebration, and marveling thoughtfulness. I highly recommend it to anyone with a uterus, an interest in those with a uterus, and a hunger for a more thorough look at our society’s trends and attitudes towards women, specifically as it relates to the horror genre.
    Tammy Salyer, writer
    Full review
  • Just started reading American Monsters. Loving it! Very Brett Easton Ellis meets Chuck Palahniuk. Kudos!
    -Laura Kampmeyer Jaeggi, high school teacher
  • Your afterword, written ten years after you finished the manuscript of this book, after witnessing at age 19 the murder of your good friend Wendy Soltero, attests to the fact that writing is a creative act of healing. There’s no telling what your first book would have been like without that dreadful experience, as you do in your afterword, really. The power of creativity is yours. You stand up and deliver, you speak out when others are silent. You give a voice to those who are not able to share their stories. That’s what writers and artists do. Thank you!
    Judith van Praag, writer
  • Just finished American Monsters by Sezin Koehler. Stunning work! First fiction, then scholarly analysis, a combination I wish was common practice in most books as I always wonder about the author’s intentions and muses. Beware, the content is raw and violent but if you are interested in horror genre, ponder about if anthropology/ethnography can practice feminist methodology and are critical of patriarchy’s comfort with violence against and contempt for women, you must read this. It is beautifully written. To think that an undergrad conceptualized this kind of research and analysis is amazing- she had lucky professors… As we say in Turkish- ağzına sağlık Sezin!!!
    Zeynep Killic, Professor of Sociology
  • You were the first writer who showed me that it’s OK to rage in order to give voice to such profound loss.
    Leilani Angel, human rights activist.
  • A primal scream.
    Helen Southcott, editor
    From the first edition hardcover
  • Heroes meets True Blood!
    –Matt Murphy, puppeteer
  • Great social commentary.
    –Stuart Wotherspoon, teacher
    From the first edition hardcover
  • American Monsters is half horror story, half reflections on horror, feminism and Sezin Koehler’s own experiences. Both halves are very interesting to read. You’ll want a strong stomach for the horror story, which features some powerful, vengeful and superpowered women and some extremely unpleasant men. Visceral and gripping.
    Katy Harrad, author
  • This book will impact and affect anyone who reads it.
    –Christine Fernando, former CEO of Caterpillar Industries Sri Lanka
    From the first edition hardcover
  • Something very special, very unique, very insightful.
    –Stacey McKenna, social anthropologist
    From the first edition hardcover
  • This is pretty deep stuff and since I completed my degree in philosophy I haven’t read anything like this in a long time. But it’s also pretty damn entertaining. She references current horror films and TV shows to make her points…and she definitely makes her mark in the canon of feminist thinking.
    –Scott Shoyer, Anything Horror owner/contributor
    Full review
  • Many theories and themes have not been ‘fleshed out’ in the concise way that [she’s] done.
    Kristen Hovet, writer
    From the first edition hardcover
  • A wonderful read that you must sit down with! I recommend it to any and all readers!
    Aimie Billon, Propper Daley Chief of Staff
  • You never know what to expect! Each exhibit takes you by surprise!
    –Lindsey Dewart, avid reader
    From the first edition hardcover
  • Unremitting.
    –Alasdair Bouch, musician
    From the first edition hardcover
  • Half slasher horror screenplay, half treatise on the genres of horror, Koehler pulls no punches in her character creations and mad scenario. She turns the classic American slasher on its head with detailed female characters with both pasts and presence. In a fascinatiing series of essays that accompany the fiction, she reveals the personal and creative processes that lead to American Monsters. I’m looking forward to more from this author.
    Joe Bishop, writer
  • In a borderland between gory and suspense horror.
    –Marco Damonte, teacher
    From the first edition hardcover
  • A most challenging read, but well worth the effort. Great style…especially the interwoven stories, moving into the startling and graphic screenplay conclusion. Sadly, the violence of the stories is real…and the ending, what we would wish to happen to those responsible. Highly recommend.
    Petro, Amazon.co.uk reviewer
  • Disgustingly raw and offensive, but in a good way.
    –Jo Melo, singer/songwriter
    From the first edition hardcover
  • The title and cover told me it would be violent and dark so it took a while before I was in a space that would allow me to read it and be ok. Once I started I couldn’t put it down although I am not a horror genre reader nor did I have first hand experience with the rave scene that was raging as this book was written. It’s an unconventional book but I loved it. I felt the characters’ rage and rooted for them and although men inflicted horrible things upon these characters, they found comfort and strength in each other. The non-fiction and academic parts of the book allow you to understand the inspirations for the fictional part and answered the questions you would have wanted to ask the author. This section made me think about the world I live in in a way that I haven’t done since college. Go into this with an open mind.
    –Andrea S., Goodreads

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