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Photo on 12-31-12 at 6.41 PMThe monster breeder, we mean, author.

A true third culture kid, Sezin Koehler had lived in five different countries on three continents by the time she was 15. It was in the USA however that her best friend was executed in front of her one night. Much of the spirit of American Monsters was shaped by this horrific event.

She’s lived in seven more countries since then, and is currently living in the small Stephen King-like town of Lighthouse Point, Florida. A passionate defender of human rights, indigenous cultures and women’s interests, Sezin has (amongst others) worked for UNICEF, the Sioux Nation, Davos, Interfaith International, and Mars, Inc – the last position as a researcher into the history of chocolate in America.

American Monsters is her first novel, although she has been writing since she could hold a pen. So far, there are four follow-up novels in the works, along with a collection of short stories and several photo books documenting her time in Prague.

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