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Author Sezin Koehler brings you a series of genre-jumping novels.

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American Monsters (2011)

American Monsters has been lauded as an important work of post-modern feminist horror as a poignant, angry volume about predation, the corruption of the rave scene, and empowerment through trauma-related super-abilities. You can check out an excerpt and also read some of the amazing reviews we’ve received to date.

Crime Rave (Nov. 1 2015)

Crime Rave, the second American Monsters installment, picks up right where American Monsters left off but is geared towards first readers who can’t stomach the horror genre. Inspired by the hard-boiled crime of Raymond Chandler and James Ellroy as well as the Preston & Child Pendergast series, Crime Rave follows LAPD Detectives Atticus Red Feather and Synthia Günn as law enforcement picks up the pieces after the horrific Hallowe’en rave tragedy that resulted in the deaths of thousands. Save a group of mysterious survivors who have no business being alive at all.

Future novels in progress:

The Secret Life of Stone, follows our intrepid superheroines as they navigate a zombie attack in Prague. And then some. This third installment is inspired by native Praguer Franz Kafka and the dark fantasy genre of The Dark Tower, Game of Thrones, and The Golden Compass.

My Name is Norma Jeane, Sezin’s first foray into literary fiction, is told from the perspective of Hollywood icon Marilyn Monroe, now known as the woman who blew the whistle on the entire Kennedy family and lived to tell about it.

Lighthouse Terror, is a grindhouse-style horror thriller taking place in the insanity bubble known as Florida.

See what we mean by genre-jumping?

Sezin Koehler is a Huffington Post blogger, tattoo collector, and private detective living in Lighthouse Point, Florida whose online haunts are Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, and the hybrid/MONSTER sideshow she’s curated since 2010.

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The Motel Chain Mansion, by Rose Deniz
The Motel Chain Mansion, by Rose Deniz